ETV Eligibility & Qualifications

Who is Eligible for ETV?


To be eligible for the ETV Program you must:

  • be at least 16 and likely to remain in DFPS foster care until turning 18, or are in extended foster care; or
  • have aged out of DFPS foster care and are not yet age 23; or
  • have been adopted from DFPS foster care after turning age 16 and not yet age 23; or
  • have entered the Permanency Care Assistance (PCA) program after turning age 16 and are not yet age 23.

Other Eligible Students include:

  • Youth placed in the custody of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department or under the jurisdiction of a local juvenile probation department who were receiving Title IV-E foster care payments the day before turning age 18 and are not yet age 23; or
  • Tribal youth or young adults in tribal foster care who are not yet age 23.

Consistent with other Title IV-E programs, the Title IV-E agency may only issue a voucher, up to the established ceiling, for costs through the end of the month in which the youth turns 23. This means that institutional costs that cover the full semester (e.g., tuition or room and board) must be prorated for ETV purposes. Allowable costs such as books and supplies that the youth purchases for use during the semester prior to turning 23, and will continue to use after turning 23, may be included.

Please contact an ETV coordinator to seek eligibility approval for ETV.