Work continuing in Abilene tornado aftermath

Abilene Reporter-News | June 12, 2019
By Brain Bethel

ABILENE, Texas – More than 300 structures were damaged by the EF-2 category storm in Abilene, Texas. A‘”rebuild” program for those who are uninsured is being coordinated.

The BCFS Health and Human Services team, in partnership with city inspectors, American Red Cross Disaster Assessment, and Texas Baptist Men, built a tornado map which “has allowed us to keep true to our mission of assisting those who were impacted by the tornado,” Cooksey said.

Providing An Extra Boost

Spirit of Abilene | June 1, 2019
By Loretta Fulton

Shortly after the tornado did its damage early Saturday morning, May 18, Pioneer Drive Baptist Church stepped up, offering its parking lot as a staging area for first responders and volunteers. Within a couple of days, the process had been moved into the gym. Professionals and volunteers with a number of organizations, such as BCFS, the Salvation Army, United Way, and others are showing up 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day to assist. They are tasked with assisting people who don’t have insurance and need access to resources.

Mayor: More than 300 structures damaged in Abilene tornado

Abilene Reporter-News | May 30, 2019
By Brian Bethel

A total of 328 structures were damaged in the May 18 tornado in Abilene, Mayor Anthony Williams said at a news conference Thursday morning, but the city does not “anticipate assistance from the state nor the federal government.”