Firman proclamación para prevenir el abuso infantil

Super Channel 12 | April 23, 2019

Por: Hervey Sifuentes

Del Río, Texas. Autoridades estatales, del Condado de Val Verde y de la Ciudad, firmaron la proclamación del “Mes Nacional de la Prevención del Abuso Infantil” para crear conciencia en esta población sobre cómo proteger y ayudar a los menores de edad.

La ceremonia se llevó a cabo en el Texas Community Bank, Community Hall, donde estuvieron presentes el personal del BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio, quienes organizan este evento cada año para ayudar a reducir el número de abusos contra menores de edad.

Del Rio, Texas.- State authorities, Val Verde County and the City, signed the proclamation of the “National Month of Prevention of Child Abuse” to raise awareness in this population on how to protect and help minors.

The ceremony was held at the Texas Community Bank, Community Hall, where the staff of the BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio, who organize this event every year to help reduce the number of abuses against minors, were present.

Impulsarán con proclamación prevención del abuso infantil

Super Channel 12 | April 22, 2019

By: Hervey Sifuentes

Del Río, Texas. Se invita a la comunidad a participar en la firma de la proclamación del “Mes Nacional de Prevención del Abuso Infantil” que se llevará a cabo en el Texas Community Banck, Community Hall, mañana en punto de las 10:30 de la mañana.

Este evento es organizado por BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio, quienes durante todo el año están haciendo programas y actividades para promover la seguridad de los niños, como también para buscar involucrar a la comunidad y ayuden a lograr el objetivo.

Del Rio, Texas. The community is invited to participate in the signing of the proclamation of the “National Month of Prevention of Child Abuse” that will be held at the Texas Community Bank, Community Hall, tomorrow at 10 o’clock: 30 in the morning.

This event is organized by BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio, who throughout the year are doing programs and activities to promote the safety of children, as well as to seek to involve the community and help achieve the goal.

Fiesta Fun for Families

Fiesta Fun for Family Programs Operated by BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio

Photo: Girl playing a ring-toss game at BCFS table

BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio’s commitment to end child abuse and neglect was front and center during Fiesta Week 2017 in San Antonio, April 19-29. April is National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month, so BCFS-San Antonio staff that provide services to local families ventured out to various Fiesta events to share information and resources with the community. At the events, staff distributed giveaways and incentives to parents, caregivers and children, and even invited children to join them in a fun game of ring toss!

Staff from the Texas Families Together and Safe (TFTS) program and the Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR) program help families raising small children and teens, and families and youth in crisis.

Fiesta de los Niños San Antonio

At Port San Antonio’s Fiesta de los Niños event on Saturday, April 22, BCFS-San Antonio staff from the TFTS and STAR programs interacted with families and filled a booth with information about resources available at BCFS-San Antonio. At Fiesta de los Niños, children and families enjoyed games, a colorful parade, rides, activities, music and dancing.

United Way Kids Festival

Friendly faces from BCFS-San Antonio’s TFTS and STAR programs manned a table at the United Way Kids Festival at Lockwood Park on Saturday, April 29, to enroll families and caregivers in the two programs. The free, community festival was open to families in the San Antonio area. The United Way Kids Festival featured more than 65 booths, where organizations provided information, activities and entertainment to promote early childhood development.

HUG ME Ink KidsFest

HUG ME Ink, which stands for “Helping to Unite by Generating Mental Empowerment,” uses the arts to advocate for mental health awareness and bullying prevention. On April 29, BCFS-San Antonio staff attended the HUG ME Ink KidsFest to promote the TFTS and STAR programs. The KidsFest featured live entertainment, face painting, rides and souvenir balloon characters for children.

To learn more about BCFS-San Antonio’s TFTS and STAR programs, visit or call 210-733-7932

TFTS and STAR are funded by the Prevention and Early Intervention Division

Project HOPES’ Spring Fling a Success

BCFS Health and Human Services-Abilene celebrates with families enrolled in the home-based training program for parents, Project HOPES

Photo: Father with his daughter

Every month, BCFS Health and Human Services-Abilene holds an event for the families enrolled in Project HOPES, a child abuse prevention program that helps parents with children 0 to 5 years old.

On March 16, Project HOPES hosted a Spring Fling in the Family Life Center at the First Baptist Church of Abilene, open to all enrolled families as well as the public. The event celebrated the successful completion of the HOPES parenting program for several families with free skating, bowling, pizza and drinks courtesy of BCFS-Abilene.

BCFS-Abilene Parent Educator Kelly Davis said the main goal of the event was to provide a stress-free environment to help facilitate bonding between parents and their children.

At every Project HOPES event, parents receive information or resources to help them overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of their family’s well-being. In March, Project HOPES provided informative packets to families on how to get their kids to eat healthier, tips on shopping for healthy foods, and included several delicious meal recipes.

April is “National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month”

BCFS Health and Human Services’ San Antonio Transition Center Programs Aim to End Child Abuse

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, last year more than 66,000 children in Texas were victims of abuse or neglect, and more than 17,000 were removed from their homes for their own protection. As the nation marks April as “National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month,” local BCFS Health and Human Services parenting education programs work to prevent child abuse year-round.

Every year, more than 2,000 families participate in parenting education programs, support groups and counseling at the BCFS San Antonio Transition Center. During a typical weekly family workshop, parents and caregivers are taught how to resolve stress, discipline children in a healthy way, and receive help accessing community resources. Classes include hands-on activities focused on positive parent-child communication, and intimate group discussions that help parents reaffirm their strengths and gain confidence. Free counseling is also offered to families in Spanish and English that includes a child abuse prevention training and crisis intervention.

Miriam Attra, BCFS Director of Community Based Services for San Antonio, believes educating parents is the key to stopping cycles of child abuse. “Oftentimes, parents in high-risk households treat their children the way their parents treated them, in some cases not knowing it’s actually abusive behavior,” says Attra. “But when we teach parents how to respond in difficult situations—like how to calm a toddler’s tantrum or bond with an impulsive teenager—they’re less likely to fall back on old, unhealthy habits.”

Parenting education and support groups are offered through Precious Minds New Connections, funded by the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation, and Texas Families Together and Safe, funded by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Counseling and crisis intervention is provided through the Services To At Risk Youth program.

To connect directly with San Antonio families during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, BCFS participated in Fiesta de los Niños on April 18th, the official Fiesta event for children. Fiesta de los Niños featured a parade through Port San Antonio, games, rides and musical performances. Parent educators with BCFS’ child abuse prevention programs joined in the fun, parading down the street in true Fiesta fashion sporting hats they decorated themselves. BCFS’ parent educators will also attend the United Way Kids’ festival on April 25th.

Program Director Whitney Vela says joining Fiesta events is one way BCFS invites local families to participate in parent support groups. “When parents and caregivers come together at our support groups, they’re reminded that they’re not alone,” says Vela. “They can lean on BCFS and a network of other parents to learn how to create a safe and loving home environment. It really does ‘take a village,’ as they say, and BCFS works to build villages around folks that need support.”

In addition to parenting education, the BCFS San Antonio Transition Center serves youth in foster care and young adults struggling to transition to adulthood by providing case management, counseling, mentorships, and assistance with education, employment and housing location.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services urges community members to report suspected child abuse by calling 1-800-252-5400. Signs of abuse include unexplained injuries, aggressive or withdrawn behavior, a child’s fear of seeing their parents, and malnourishment.

For more information about BCFS’ San Antonio Transition Center and child abuse prevention, visit or call (210) 733-7932.