Oh Baby!

More than a dozen excited mothers and fathers attended a baby shower hosted by BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio on Sept. 26 to celebrate early parenthood. The festive and informational event, complete with pink and blue balloons and two cream-colored cakes, was an invite-only affair for soon-to-be parents and parents of newborn children in San Antonio, Texas.

Janie Quinonez answers questions from participants.

Janie Quinonez, a registered nurse from Methodist Women’s Services, gave a presentation on young-adult childbirth, after which attendees were given time to discuss questions they had with the speaker as well as any of several other community partners at the event.

“Janie was really honest with participants about what they could expect,” said Victoria Martinez, PAL1 Training Lead at BCFS-San Antonio. “Because of that honesty, I think they were more open and vulnerable with their questions.”

Like any traditional baby shower, Thursday’s event came complete with party favors, baby-themed games, confessed worries of new parents, and friends to lean on when support is needed most.

Every family who attended received diaper bags and other baby supplies, and six lucky winners took home a new stroller with a car seat. One of the winners decided to give her stroller and car seat away to a soon-to-be father. The mother said she was fortunate to already have one and, seeing a greater need, felt it was the right thing to do.

This was the first time BCFS-San Antonio hosted a baby shower for parents in their programs. The clients that the organization works with – typically youth in their late teens and early 20s with inconsistent support from older role-models – have the chance to receive invaluable benefits from events like this one.

“I think childcare education is probably the most important to them right now: how to burp your baby, how to breastfeed,” said Victoria, “simple things that you aren’t sure parents need until you give them a safe place to ask.”

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BCFS-San Antonio thanks the following sponsors for their contributions to this event:

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