Our House: BCFS Health and Human Services-Kerrville

Transitional Apartments in Kerrville

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Our House transitional apartments operated by BCFS-Kerrville offer affordable and supportive housing units for young adults ages 18-25. The apartments are for young adults transitioning into self-sufficiency and those struggling with homelessness. The facility offers affordable one-bedroom units in a drug- and alcohol-free environment. All tenants are provided case management, counseling, employment and educational services while living at the apartments. Currently, the apartment facility includes eight one-bedroom units. An adult supervises the apartments and manages the property. Our House has helped dozens of local young adults transition into self-sufficiency.

Our House Success Stories

Photo: Darien with a BCFS staff member

DARIEN: As a youth in foster care since age 9, Darien lived with many different foster families by the time he was 18. With a little help from Our House, Darien has found a measure of stability on a sure path toward self-sufficiency. Read Darien’s story

SAVANNAH: Savannah’s life growing up was not typical of most children, but her experiences have taught this now 18-year-old how to overcome life’s challenges with grace and optimism. Read Savannah’s story

KESHAWNA: For a time, Keshawna McDonald was unsure how to improve her life. She was trying to work through some tough circumstances and needed some guidance. Read Keshawna’s story

DEVIN: He was wiping away happy tears as he received his high school diploma and the principal declared, “this graduation wouldn’t have been possible without BCFS…” Read Devin’s story

DJ: He was excited when he learned of Our House, which offered him housing at a price he could afford. The burden and stress of wondering if he could make his rent payment each month was finally over. He is an excellent example of what can happen in a young person’s life when determination and a loving hand up come together. Read DJ’s story

CHRISTOPHER: Chris had bounced in and out of foster care since the age of 15. He rebelled as a teenager, masking his sadness with anger and arrogance, which proved to be a dangerous combination that got him in trouble. Read Christopher’s story