Youth Averted from Delinquency (YAD)

Youth are referred to the Youth Averted from Delinquency (YAD) program through the juvenile justice court or juvenile probation. YAD uses a team approach to implement an In-Home Family Preservation model of service. A licensed therapist provides family and individual counseling, in addition to weekly case management. Records, court requirements, and case management are monitored and facilitated by a degreed Case Manager.

The youth’s case manager serves as a liaison between Juvenile Probation and YAD, while also providing life skills training and parenting education to the client and their family. A Family Assistance Coordinator may assist the family in organizing and maintaining the home. This position provides the most “hands-on” attention to in-home assistance. The case manager may help with accessing local services, budgeting, home maintenance, and transporting to and from appointments as necessary.

YAD case managers work diligently to bring the entire family and support team (probation, schools, etc.) into the conversation early of how to address barriers and obstacles the youth may be experiencing. Our case manager works as the lead in a team of professionals and alongside the family working toward improving the life and attitude of the youth.

Services provided by YAD:

  • Family and individual counseling with a licensed therapist
  • Case management services weekly
  • Family assistance as needed weekly
  • Parenting education classes and individual in-home instruction
  • Varied summer activities
  • Back to school events and support
  • Home repairs including donated work and supplies by several local churches