Our House

Our House is a residential facility that provides transitional sheltering for youth who are struggling with homelessness.

Operated by BCFS Health and Human Services Community Services Division, Our House provides young people struggling with homelessness with a safe, stable living environment in Abilene and Kerrville, Texas. The young men and women living in these homes receive transitional services from staff and community partners, including assistance with:

  • Completing secondary education
  • Applying for college
  • Locating stable employment
  • Learning valuable life skills

The services provided help these young adults break the cycle of homelessness and become successful independent adults. Additionally, while living in the house, the residents learn to share in communal responsibilities, from general cleaning and preparing weekly house dinners to service projects benefiting the local neighborhood. This instills a sense of resident responsibility and ownership in Our House. The basis for Our House is to help youth grow to better manage their finances, health and hygiene, as well as develop adult social skills to more quickly become independent, responsible, contributing adult members of the community.

Nationally, there are few or no shelters in rural communities like Abilene and Kerrville, so many of these youth are living with relatives, friends, or on the streets. Our House reduces the number of youth facing homelessness in these cities.