Next Exit, The Play

Watch the full play and in-depth interviews with the cast and creators

Texas Tech University partnered with BCFS Health and Human Services’ Lubbock Transition Center to start a dialogue to “wake up a sleeping society to the ongoing scandal of child abuse.”

Together, they created the emotional play called “Next Exit,” a hopeful portrayal of life after abuse for youth in the care of the state. Much of the play was based on personal stories of youth served by BCFS HHS’ Lubbock Transition Center.

I was amazed by how touched I was by the play. It was emotional for me because the things I shared with them about what I experienced were in the play, and I didn’t expect to be able to identify that was MY story. So to actually see it on stage – my life – was bittersweet. Cindi Martinez, Alumni of BCFS HHS’ Lubbock Transition Center

Working on the play, I heard from kids who have been in foster care that it’s hard to get placed in a home when you’re already a teenager, and next to impossible to get adopted. We really need to tell their stories and maybe more people will be willing to take in a teenager and open their homes. Dawn Schluetz, Writer & Performer of Next Exit