Texas Representative Selects BVT Christmas Ornament


Since 2009, the Texas Capitol has displayed a Christmas tree in their House Chamber every holiday season. To decorate the tree, Texas House Representatives from each of the state’s 150 districts choose an ornament from an organization, individual, or group that they feel aligns with and is representative of their district’s unique voice and distinct culture.

This year, Representative Matt Schaefer selected Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT) as the inspiration for the 2018 Christmas tree ornament for his district. Two BVT residents, Alex and Brynne, served as the lead artists for the ornament, creating a design that featured the Robert M. Rogers Chapel flanked by pine trees, as well as a red rose accompanied by the words, “Tyler: Rose Capital of the World,” reiterating the Texas city’s claim to fame.

Rep. Schaefer visited BVT to pick up the completed ornament. While there, he took time to chat with residents, discuss future plans with administrators, and take a tour of the campus.

BVT is honored to represent Texas House District 6 this Christmas at the state capitol with their hand-crafted ornament. In doing so, they join a list of past artists that has included organizations from Tyler Junior College, in addition to students from both Grace Community School and All Saints Episcopal School.

The ornament by Alex and Brynne will be on display from Nov. 29 till Jan. 2 on the 23-foot Christmas tree in Austin, Texas. To view more pictures, click here.


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