Texans Helping Texans

BCFS Health and Human Services programs across Texas are pleased to be able to participate in the Comfort Food Care Program (CFCP), a statewide collaboration between the Governor’s Public Safety Office, the Texas Restaurant Association, and delivery company Favor.

Texas is connecting restaurant owners and social-service providers, giving food to families in need.

CFCP is designed to provide meals for youth and families struggling with hunger due to COVID-19 and the unexpected strain it has put on families who are at home with their children sheltering in place. It is also an excellent way to support restaurants, many of which have taken an economic hit during the health crisis.

Participating restaurants will offer an array of packaged foods that donors can purchase on behalf of local families and youth in need. Each package is designed to contain enough food to feed a family of five to six people.

“It’s heartwarming to see the joint collaboration with the various participants,” said Celeste Garcia, Executive Director of BCFS Health and Human Services Community Services Division. “We are impressed by and grateful for the support we have seen from restaurants across the state, and from Governor Greg Abbott and Director Andrea Sparks. This is the kind of quick redistribution that can connect people in need with services that can ensure they don’t go hungry and that food doesn’t go to waste.”

Currently BCFS Health and Human Services is partnering with restaurants in Corpus Christi, Del Rio, Harlingen and San Antonio to deliver food to families in need. The locations and potential service population continue to increase as more who are able to help learn about the role they can play in the program.