Stories from Quarantine: Corpus Christi

BCFS Health and Human Services-Corpus Christi has found new and creative ways to provide programs and services to youth and families in the Coastal Bend region ever since the first major spread of COVID-19 through the U.S. Their ability to transition and meet needs in new ways has proven to be a success!

Much of BCFS-Corpus Christi’s programming is about connecting youth and families to resources, or providing them assistance on a path to a better career or education. Services like those have translated well to an online world, but not everything has been as easy – especially not for their community.

Robin Soto, Director of BCFS Health and Human Services-Corpus Christi, along with her staff, have worked hard to find ways to uplift the children, young adults and families served by BCFS-Corpus Christi in 2020 during these unprecedented times.

They’ve been helping people like Lena,* a 22-year-old mother with one young child and another on the way. Before COVID-19, she had a job at the local school district. But unfortunately, due to the pandemic she found herself out of work. BCFS-Corpus Christi stepped in and proactively sent the mother a weekly job list and was able to help pay a month of rent while she went through this transition. BCFS-Corpus Christi then connected her with Foster Angels of South Texas to provide a crib and other resources for the baby. Today, she’s working again and anticipating the arrival of her second-born.

A family living in the Coastal Bend area has been grateful for BCFS-Corpus Christi’s parenting classes. “If you have a couple kids, it can be a lot to handle,” said Soto, “but this mom is home with four.” Through BCFS-Corpus Christi’s lessons and one-on-one training, the family has been able to identify the root causes behind some of the children’s more troubling behaviors and improve being homebound with four children. An added blessing for families completing the parenting classes includes grocery gift cards and board games perfect for quarantine.

BCFS-Corpus Christi has been assisting many other families in the Coastal Bend during COVID-19. Through their relationships with other nonprofits and local leadership, BCFS-Corpus Christi has acted as a trusted source of information for locals, especially through engagement on their Facebook page.

With COVID-19 expected to broaden the disparities that already exist between the most and least fortunate, the service of BCFS-Corpus Christi remains instrumental in maintaining a healthy community, perhaps now more than ever.

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*This name was changed to preserve anonymity