BCFS-San Antonio Participants Spend Day of Relaxation

Thanks to the Salon Professional Academy, a select group from BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio enjoyed a relaxing day free of charge on May 28. Those in attendance chose from a range of services, including manicures, pedicures, and hair styling and washing.

For a few hours, the young women were able to relax and unwind while seated in black leather chairs, laid back while they were pampered and attended to by the staff at The Salon Professional Academy on the north side of San Antonio, Texas.

“Some of our youth don’t always come from a background where they’re able to spend time and money on themselves. With something like this, they can forget for just a moment about the troubles of daily life and treat themselves,” said Raquel Escobar, Lead Case Manager in the Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) program at BCFS-San Antonio.

Youth from BCFS-San Antonio receive manicures from the staff and students at The Salon Professional Academy.

While the ladies enjoyed their time, Suzette Thomas, Admissions Director at The Salon Professional Academy, took the BCFS-San Antonio staff on a tour of the facility and walked them through the details of how they train their students to become professionals in cosmetology and esthetics, either of which can take up to 1,500 hours to master.

Eventually the day was done and it was time to pack up and head out, but not before the ladies received a small gift bag from BCFS-San Antonio with some cosmetic and bath items, bringing a bit of the pampering back home with them.

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Thanks to The Salon Professional Academy for their service and gracious hospitality of BCFS-San Antonio’s beneficiaries and staff.