Kids ‘n Boots Mission Teams Prepare to Deploy

Photo: Kids n boots stalking

For over a decade, the international division of BCFS Health and Human Services, Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI), has led winter boot missions to Eastern Europe before Christmas. Each year, CERI volunteers personally fit children who are orphaned and in need with brand new socks and winter boots. Historically, CERI alternated missions between Moldova and Transnistria. This year, CERI is excited to announce the expansion of its winter boot missions to Ukraine and Romania!

In cooperation with New Hope International in Ukraine and Project Ruth in Romania, CERI volunteers will outfit over 3,600 children with brand new warm, winter boots. Mission teams will travel to 27 orphanages in Ukraine around the city of L’viv and also distribute boots to severely impoverished Roma (Gypsy) communities of Bucharest, Romania.

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Project Fundraising Goal:     $90,000
Cost of Boots:     Just $25 per pair!

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