International Students Awarded for Academic Excellence

International Youth from BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio Highway 90 Campus Awarded for Academic Excellence

Photo: Gold Medal

Six young men from Central America and Mexico were recently recognized for their academic achievement at John Jay High School in San Antonio. These youth are in BCFS Health and Human Services International Children’s Services Extended Care Program, where they are housed and cared for at the BCFS-San Antonio Highway 90 Campus while the federal government works to reunify them with family members.

Three of the young men were inducted into the John Jay Honor Society, and one received a gold medal for excellence in poetry from the Northside Independent School District.

“Together as a team we have helped these boys thrive academically, with their hard work and dedication,” said Ashley Vallejo, Vocational Coordinator for the Extended Care Program. “The boys have been able to accomplish so much with the help of case management, clinicians, supervisors, and direct care staff. Mr. Theo Alexander (Program Director) has helped open the door to opportunity for these boys by encouraging them to actively participate in any extracurricular activities their school has to offer. Extended Care is very proud of our clients and we make sure that they are praised for each and every award they earn.”

The young men received these awards:

  • Outstanding Pillars of Character in Trustworthiness, English
  • Outstanding Pillar of Character in Citizenship, Physics and Chemistry
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement on the Dean’s List
  • Outstanding Pillars of Character in Respect, Biology 1
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement, Best Overall Student, English
  • Outstand Academic Achievement, Best Overall Student, English 1
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement, Best Overall Student, Spanish 3
  • Outstanding Service in Spanish Club
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement, Most Improved, English

“Ashley Vallejo is our Vocational Coordinator and truly OWNS her job – as evidenced by these amazing boys getting awards and recognized at John Jay High School,” said Asennet Segura, EVP/COO – Community, International & Residential Operations. “Ashley and the Extended Care team have done an outstanding job!”

*The names and faces of the award-winning young men have been omitted to protect their privacy