Flat Stanley Joins BVT Family

With the health and safety of our residents a top priority during the COVID-19 restrictions, access to outside visitors is temporarily prohibited at Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT), so residents got creative to stay connected with their friends and family.

Jennifer Ekins and Rachel Parker – Day Program Group Leader and Day Program Coordinator at BVT, respectively – crafted a BVT take on Flat Stanley, a character based on a later-1900s children’s book of the same name.

Jennifer Ekins, Flat Stanley and Rachel Parker

Residents created eight versions of Stanley and mailed them to a list of 40 friends and family, who have welcomed Stanley to their everyday lives and kept a record of his activity. They then send letters and photographs that include Stanley to their loved ones at BVT, and then send Stanley on to his next home and another family to join in on Stanley’s travel adventures.

The project has taken the eight Stanleys to several U.S. states and family events. See highlights from his travels on BVT’s Facebook photo album, updated every Friday for the duration of the project.