Fashionably Inspired

BCFS Health and Human Services-San Antonio held the Inspire Fashion Show at Granberry Hills in San Antonio, Texas. The event emphasized the professional and creative inspirations of youth served by nonprofit BCFS-San Antonio while giving local supporters, partners and guardians a chance to encourage the biggest and best aspirations of those youth.

As each participant walked the runway, Chaunice Holley, International Dream Model 2019 and a dedicated volunteer with BCFS-San Antonio, shared with the crowd a brief description of where each youth saw themselves in a few years’ time. A game designer, social educator, marine biologist and music therapist were among the future careers that the contestants saw themselves pursuing.

One of the contestants even shared a poem he had written, titled “A Job.” Before delivering his poem, the youth said that “not everything is done and I’m not [anywhere] near where I want to be… but hopefully I can get there.” He said that the poem represented not the achievement of some great goal but rather “the process and the gray area between what you need to get to [that] final destination [when] you don’t know where it is at.”

This year’s fashion show featured 12 youth who each participated in two rounds of fashion: professional and formal. The importance of this and other BCFS-San Antonio events was the fun yet formative nature; youth received well deserved encouragement in their personal style and life goals, and were able to share their future plans with a community that supports and  believes in the visions they each hold.

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Thanks to the sponsors of the Inspire Fashion Show:

  • Alamo City Barber College
  • Avant Salon and Spa
  • Bealls
  • The Body Shop
  • Granberry Hills
  • H-E-B
  • Institute of Makeup Artistry
  • The Lifestyle Hair Studio
  • Oaks Crossing Catering
  • Oh Yeah Cakes
  • Pretty Petal Florist
  • Rex Formal Wear
  • Ross
  • San Antonio Threads
  • Target
  • Tiff’s Treats
  • Vanity Boutique
  • Versona
  • NYX

Special thanks to Chaunice Holley and DJ Xavier Salinas