BCFS-Del Rio Hosts Interagency Luncheon

BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio Grabs Reins for Del Rio’s Interagency Luncheon

BCFS Health and Human Services-Del Rio has assumed organizational responsibilities for the Del Rio community’s Interagency Luncheon, an ongoing meeting on the third Thursday of every month for social services agencies to discuss the most effective ways to achieve a safer, healthier and smarter Del Rio.

BCFS-Del Rio hosted the October installment of the luncheon, where BCFS-Del Rio Family Advocate Wayne Richardson briefed the luncheon contingent on the agency’s spectrum of family-centric services before mentioning that BCFS-Del Rio would be the point of contact for 2018 Interagency Luncheon planning.

“Each of us plays in an important and unique role in servicing the needs in our community, Richardson said. “The Interagency meeting provides a monthly forum for learning about resources and discussing issues in the community.”

Del Rio’s Community Health Improvement Coalition (CHIC) began the Interagency Luncheon several years ago, steadily growing its list of participating agencies. According to BCFS-Del Rio Director of Community Services Delia Ramos, when the luncheon’s primary organizer left her position at CHIC, BCFS-Del Rio stepped up to lead subsequent organizing efforts.

“When Mr. Wayne heard that she was no longer going to be able to help,” she says, “he brought the idea of BCFS-Del Rio doing it, we talked about the commitment, and ultimately decided to go forward.”

“The luncheon is an opportunity for all the agencies in the area to touch base,” Ramos says. “It can be about new initiatives, updates on current plans, or staff changes. We are happy to be able to continue planning the event for all the agencies in the Del Rio area.”

Thirty to forty social services agencies regularly attend the monthly luncheon, and one agency presents its array of services at each event. The Interagency Luncheon calendar for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018 is filling up. Agencies in the Del Rio area wishing to participate in the next Interagency Luncheon can call BCFS-Del Rio at (830) 768-2755.