Mike Denning Retiring from BCFS After Almost 15 Years of Service

Photo: Mike Denning

Mike Denning Retiring from BCFS After Almost 15 Years of Service

BCFS Health and Human Services extends a heartfelt message of congratulations and gratitude to clinician Mike Denning, who will be retiring on March 6, 2017. Mike has steadfastly served hundreds of BCFS children and families with compassion for nearly 15 years.

Mike Denning has been an invaluable asset to BCFS Health and Human Services’ Residential Services Division (RSD), and an ever-present refuge, mentor and friend to the children whose safety and wellbeing he has safeguarded.

“Mike’s dedication to the kids is really something other clinicians try to emulate,” says Melissa Bueno, Regional Director for BCFS Health and Human Services Foster Care. “Throughout his time with BCFS, he has worked tirelessly for the children we serve to ensure all their needs are being met. He is relentless in his advocacy for the children, sometimes logging more than 1,000 miles a month to see all the children on his caseload.”

One particular young lady Mike’s work has influenced is Alicia Sauceda, a recent high school graduate who found inspiration in Mike’s counsel during a trying time in her life. Mike began serving as her counselor when she was just 13 and struggling to cope with intense stress and uncertainty in her family. Through it all, Mike and his counseling sessions were about the only constant in Alicia’s life. He guided her through a successful adoption process and offered support as she graduated high school and began college.

“Mike would tell me stories of other young people he helped — how they made it through really tough situations,” said Alicia. “He is like family to me…He’s my go-to person now. He’s really excited about me going to school.” Read Alicia Sauceda's story

Melissa Bueno adds that the level of commitment Mike has for his job is a precious virtue.

“It’s the children Mike serves who have benefitted most,” she says. “He will be missed by our staff, DFPS case workers, families and children.”