Maximo’s Story

Maximo's Story

Maximo’s mom felt overwhelmed by her son’s high energy level. At school, his behavior was always getting him into trouble. His desk was moved closest to the teacher, he had been excluded from fun classes like P.E. and music because he was always in trouble – and he wasn’t even allowed to eat lunch with his classmates. He wanted to do better, but he didn’t know how.

In August, Maximo’s mom began taking classes in BCFS' STAR (Services to At-Risk Youth) Program. In class, mom learned some parenting tips to redirect Maximo’s energy and attention to be more productive. It helped at home, but at school, Maximo still struggled. With her STAR parent educator, Mom discussed her role as an advocate for her child, and contemplated the option of getting Maximo some medical attention.  Maybe there was something wrong that they couldn’t see?

Maximo was diagnosed with ADHD, but with some medication, the condition could be managed.

Soon after Maximo’s behavior improved, so did his grades. He’s been allowed back into P.E. and music classes, and now he's allowed to eat lunch with his friends. Mom is extremely grateful for the STAR program, where she learned critical information about her son, and flourished in her unrelenting quest to help him grow up healthy as a loving, helpful son, and productive student.  

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