Virtual Instruction

How It Works:

Embrace a student-centric virtual instruction platform geared towards high level engagement, opportunities for collaboration from student to student, and real time instruction and feedback tailored to the unique needs of your school district, campus, and students.


  • Meets the needs of our small, rural classrooms
  • Provides affordable, relationship-centric and quality virtual education 
  • Instills traditional values through student-centered instruction 
  • Gives parents an option that can be trusted in states that are embracing school choice
  • As a nonprofit, our work is cost plus 15% which is a cost savings to our partners


  • Affordable tuition solutions 
  • Low teacher-to-student ratios 
  • Authentic classroom discussions 
  • Small group opportunities 
  • High student Engagement 
  • Personalized to meet the needs of the unique learner 
  • Accommodates 504/Individualized Education Plans  
  • Provides multiple pathways for mastery 
  • Is both rigorous and aligned with state assessment College test prep

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Virtual Instruction is part of BCFS Education Services, a nonprofit that specializes in providing innovative solutions for problems impacting the educational community.