Darien’s Story

"I entered foster care at nine years old and I've lived in 30 different homes since then…I am grateful for how BCFS taught me the life skills I needed to be a successful person and how they led me to where I am today."
– Darien Lynn

Photo: Derien

I came to the BCFS HHS Kerrville Transition Center four years ago when I was fifteen. Before I came to the transition center, I didn’t have any understanding or knowledge of all the benefits that I am entitled to as a foster youth.

At BCFS HHS, I learned how to write a check, balance a checkbook, and keep to a budget. I also learned communication skills, how to cook and schedule my day to be productive. They even showed me how to fill out an application and write a resume.

One of the most significant assistance I’ve received is help getting Medicaid benefits. My case manager also walked me through applying for FASFA so I could attend Alamo Community College. This wouldn’t be possible if BCFS HHS didn’t also help me access funds to pay for food, electricity and rent when I got my own apartment.

Every time I go to the BCFS HHS transition center the staff make me feel welcome and are eager to help me. I frequently go by to say hello and the other day I received help with my taxes. (I am a tax payer!)

I currently live at the Kerrville Transition Center Apartments and work for Sodexo Food Service at Schreiner University. I have been honored with this job. Last week, I was even named leader of the kitchen staff and my boss said they appreciate how I help others.

I want to add that I have been connected with one of BCFS HHS’ partners, Art to Heart. With Mrs. Lorraine Lemon and BCFS’ support, I now understand that God has a plan for my life. My future plans are to attend UTSA in San Antonio in August of 2014, where I’ll study either social work or radio/television and film.

I am very grateful for how BCFS HHS has taught me the life skills I needed to be a successful person and how they have led me to where my life is today.