Virtual Coaching

How It Works:

Engage in meaningful coaching conversations to build efficacy in instructional methodologies.

Receive support recommendations for children in need of interventions and special education IEP specific classroom accommodations.

Participate in virtual Professional Learning Communities to review data, progress monitoring data, implementation of new strategies, and then reflect on best practices in a safe and supportive online environment  Discover a network of support to sustain best practices and teacher wellness.


  • Upload teacher choice videos for feedback and discussion 
  • Tailor coaching based on specific teacher-personalized learning plans
  • Choose coaching cycles based on your school’s calendar, events, and units of study
  • Try new ideas and methods in a safe environment 
  • Receive non-evaluative feedback purely supporting the teacher in capacity building 
  • Aligned to T-TES and CLASS
  • Will use fundamental frameworks based on the school’s curriculum program (Fundamental Five, Gradual Release, Hunter, 5E, etc.) 
  • As a nonprofit, our work is cost plus 15% which is a cost savings to our partners

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Virtual Coaching is part of BCFS Education Services, a nonprofit that specializes in providing innovative solutions for problems impacting the educational community.