Client Testimonial

BCFS received this kind message from a young man who lived in our Harlingen shelter for several months, thanking BCFS staff for their hard work, dedication and compassion.

Hi! I’m writing you to thank you all and tell you that there is no better work/job than the one that you all do, seriously, my respect for you. 

was at BCFS for three months and I admire your work. It’s incredible how you handle people who are behaving badly and how you keep your calm.

Thank you for your care, I admire that you are on your feet all the time, because that is very difficult. Many blessings!

Original message in Spanish:

Hola! les escribo para agradecerles y decirles que no hay mejor trabajo que el que uds. hacen, en serio mis respetos para uds. yo estuve hace tres meses en BCFS y admiro su trabajo, es increíble como aguantan a personas mal portadas y mantienen la calma! gracias por su cuidado , admiro que todo el tiempo están de pié, vaya que eso es difícil, muchas Bendiciones!

*Client's name has been omitted to protect his privacy